church-hymnal-bestThe first form of spiritual music was introduced by slaves when they would stay after regular worship services in churches or on plantations for singing and dancing.  Slaves also held meetings at secret places to share their joy, pains, hopes, and to listen to preachers and sing spirituals for hours.

In the late 1700′s these spirituals became known as negro spirituals, because they were first inspired by the message of Jesus Christ and his good news (gospel) of the bible, “you can be saved”.  After slavery negro spirituals began to change because blacks did not want to remember the songs that were song during slavery.

Composers started to make negro spirituals more exciting and uplifting.  This gave birth to another type of christian song in the 1920′s.  R. Thomas A. Dorsey was the first to compose these songs and he called them gospel songs.

Today Mr. Dorsey is considered the father of gospel music.  Artists such as the Roberta Martin singers, the caravans, the harmonizing four, the mighty Clouds of Joy, Rev James Cleveland and others help lay the foundation for the gospel, music of today. was created to continue spreading the word of god through song, to uplift and encourage listeners.  We also wanted to preserve the rich history of gospel music.

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    Hello All

    Thank you so much for the most beautiful music It brings me hope. I am from the caribbean.

    God bless all of you and your families

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